Why become an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner?

As I teach classes I’m frequently asked, “Why should I become an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner?” Especially if someone is already trained and qualified in another bodywork modality or somatic healing work, what would be the benefit of completing a qualification in Ortho-Bionomy? Wouldn’t it just be another certification to put up on the wall? I’d like to explore these questions in relation to my own training path.

I always go back to when I was first introduced to the work. It was 1986 and I was a client. The practitioner had been recommended to me but I had no idea what Ortho-Bionomy was or how it worked. I was experiencing stress and pain problems in my neck and back, and I also wanted to simply feel better in my body. What transpired during those sessions was truly remarkable for me. The tension and pain resolved quite quickly in that first session, but what really surprised me was the deep sense of wellbeing that I felt after that first session and through all of the subsequent sessions. I was being introduced to a way of understanding how my body worked and how it responded that transformed how I experienced myself. I wasn’t just “getting a treatment”, I was learning a new way of being that was both profound and long lasting.

A couple of years later I decided to learn the work for myself. Partway into the training it suddenly struck me: Ortho-Bionomy isn’t just a form of bodywork that I was learning how to do on people, it’s an inherently transformative therapeutic process.  I wasn’t trying to “fix” my clients. Rather I was helping them to reconnect with their own self-healing and self-evolving capacity. I understood that the Practitioner Training Program which I was pursuing was a process by which I was being directed and supported in learning technical skills and professional tools for helping others while at the same time deeply supporting me in an on-going personal process of self discovery and growth which continues to this day.

I tell workshop participants that the Practitioner Training Programs do more than provide the framework for developing our technical proficiency with the work. The programs bring us to the place where we have:

  • acquired a high level of sensitivity and accomplished palpation skills,
  • greatly enhanced our intuitive capacity,
  • attained a greater understanding of how to access the essential aspects that promote self healing,
  • demonstrated the highest level of technical skill and professional competence in working with clients,
  • completed a process which continues to open up entirely new levels of awareness and understanding of the healing process for ourselves and for others,
  • professional recognition of our accomplishments.

When we work in Ortho-Bionomy we facilitate the processes which enable clients to experience their innate wholeness. Because we learn how to meet our clients on all different levels – structural, muscular, lymphatic, visceral and emotional, to name a few – we are ideally situated to offer them support in ways that are totally unique and tailored for them. We focus on reconnecting clients with their capacity to self correct and self balance so that more can happen. We help them make conscious and unconscious choices which are essential for their experience of “wholeness”.

The Practitioner Training Programs are uniquely designed to allow individuals to embark on a course of study which is tailored to each person’s learning style and training needs. The programs provide trainees with:

  • a structure for completing the training process and maintaining one’s focus,
  • mechanisms for supervision and mentoring throughout the entire training,
  • opportunities for practise and feedback so trainees are able to track their progress and development,
  • a learning process which supports the development of one’s professional skills at a pace which is comfortable and sustainable.

Whether people have studied other healing modalities or not, training in Ortho-Bionomy exacts high levels of proficiency and competence which directly benefit our clients and ourselves. The learning process challenges us to become more sensitive, more observant, more “allowing” and more connected to our true selves. As we increase our embodiment of the principles of Ortho-Bionomy we also amplify the operation of these principles in all aspects of our lives.

The road to becoming an Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner is not a quick “super highway” but a steady path of exploration, self discovery and of a continually expanding understanding and awareness of the world around us and our relationship to it. It’s also a path which is deeply rewarding both for ourselves and our clients. In fact, the Practitioner Certificate signifies much more than the completion of a training program. It identifies that we have embarked on the path of living the marvelous phenomenon called “healing”.


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